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Why sometimes, in the constraint dialog (opened by double clicking the constraint in Dayzer), the ISO shadow prices have opposite sign of shadow-price shown on the Binding constraints shadow prices dialog? Capacity, it says the total units is 384 however, the total MW derate is 2000.

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The judge, however, will look at this decision of yours to jump so quickly back into the world of dating very closely. This is where you stand up proudly and exclaim, "Don't worry about it, we don't have any minor children! The Court can, and will use its discretion in determining the amount of spousal support (a/k/a alimony) based upon infidelity.

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His indigo T-shirt rode up his belly, and a golden pendant, digitally engraved with a portrait of his wife and son, surfed his heaving chest as he labored to breathe. As his lungs contracted, never relaxing to allow air out, nurses fixed him to an oxygen tank.

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We also understand that all it takes to start something meaningful, is a simple Hello! We know that great conversations lead to great dates, so we've focused on providing the best features to help you meet interesting people near you, so you can focus on dating!

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But too many filters and rigid check-boxes can have you dismiss huge numbers of people at once – something that apps like Bumble, Happn and Tinder tried to do away with (though that brings its own set of issues).