Who is sammy hagar dating

Unlike most rock stars whose careers are destroyed by alcohol, Sammy Hagar’s career seemed to be fueled by it.

In 1999, Sammy bridged his love of tequila and his love of music with the release of the song “Mas Tequila.” The song became an instant hit and once again reestablished Sammy Hagar as a successful solo artist in the world of rock and roll.

After paying his dues in the rock world much like a club fighter first pays his dues, Sammy Hagar first gained fame and fortune in the early 1970’s with the band Montrose.

After tensions within the group forced him to leave Montrose, Sammy launched a successful solo career in the mid 1970’s.

For example, you’re pictured on the cover of your greatest hits box set, “Unboxed,” in a boxing ring wearing trunks with gloves around your shoulders.

And at the end of your song “Mas Tequila,” you say the phrase “no mas, no mas” which is what Roberto Duran said to the referee when he quit against Sugar Ray Leonard.

Days after he said there was no chance of a reunion, Sammy Hagar has accused Eddie and Alex Van Halen of having something against him and Michael Anthony.

Affectionately known by his fans as “The Red Rocker,” Sammy Hagar’s boxing roots date back to the days when his father was a professional fighter.

One need only hear him talk about the sport to realize that the same passion Sammy Hagar displays on stage as a rock icon, he also has for the sport of boxing. My dad was a puncher and he trained me so when you’re a kid, the first thing you learn when you’re fighting a grown man is how to jab and move.

NABF: I know your father boxed, as a featherweight I believe. My dad was so slow compared to me that I learned to become a very fast jabber.

Are these boxing references conscious efforts on your part are they just coincidence?

SH: Even though boxing has always been such a big part of my life, they’re really just coincidences. I can watch any other sport imaginable now, but I’m just looking for boxing all the time. That photo of me in the ring was for a Rolling Stone photo session in New York.

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